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Cookeville Cabin
Welcome to the Cookeville Cabin Website
Well, I sure MEANT to keep this updated
but I just stopped in today and noticed I haven't been here since April.
I was dumbfounded and I made myself a promise to spend some time on here this weekend
and get some long-overdue updates done.
Wish me luck!
Fire hits the old homeplace February 21.
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This site is devoted to chronicling the renewed life of an old country log cabin and partial structure of a house which was built by my ancestors in the Northern end of Putnam County, Tennessee, in the Bangham community just north of Cookeville. I have been disassembling the structure - numbering nearly every piece, inside and out - and storing the pieces of this large puzzle as I prepare to rebuild and restore it to its original form on another location in the next few months.  The cabin was last lived in by my great-uncle Lonnie Phillips in the late 1960s and was a favorite place of mine to visit as a child with my grandfather Jarvis Matheney, Sr. ("Pur") and my grandmother Susie Phillips Matheney ("Mur"), sister to Lonnie. It sat on approximately 90 acres of beautiful woods and a former farm, had some electricity and no running water. It's the only place I've ever been to that had a two-seater outhouse, or "privy" as they were often called.
     prIv i/ (priv-ee) adjective priv·i·er, priv·i·erst, noun/plural priv·ies
1. participating in the knowledge of someting private or secret (usually foll. by to): 
    Many persons were privy to the plot.
2. private; assigned to private uses.
3. belonging or pertaining to some particular person, esp. with reference to a sovereign.
4. secret, concealed, hidden, or secluded.
5. acting or done in secret.
6. outhouse (def.1).
7. Law.
    A persopn participating directly in or having a derivative interest in a legal transaction.
(Origin: 1175-1225; ME prive  <OF: private (adj.), close friend, private place (n.)  < L privatus <private>
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, ©Random House, Inc. 2006
It's worth acknowledging that the word privy, when referring to an outhouse, was also said to have some relationship to the idea of privilege, since poor families often had no actual outhouse facility to go into. They would simply go to an open spot in the woods or the furthest reaches of their back yard.
Floorplan of structure as it stood
just prior to deconstruction in May 2007
Click on image for larger view
Looking for entertainment when visiting Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee?
Look no further than Aunt Gene and Uncle Carrel's den,
where they invite the raccoons in - yes, inside their home -
every evening for dinner.
Click here to view a short video of "The Raccoon and The Warrens."